Dave Long is a U.S.-born photographer currently living in Salzburg, Austria. Dave specializes in commercial and fine-art photography, with an emphasis on dramatic landscapes, extreme sports and historical architecture. Through years of experimenting and broadending his skill set, a collection of studio photography and highly-technical conceptual imagery also continues to grow. He can also be found capturing reportagé-style imagery of events, attempting to combine the unexpected with expressive composition.

Every single photo offered here was captured in RAW format and has underwent extremely careful post-processing to ensure the highest quality end-results. This involves selective sharpening, noise reduction, high dynamic range processing and many other techniques gained through years of experience and aimed at reproducing the beauty of this amazing world that we live in.

Canvas prints and many other products can be ordered here or you can download royalty-free files from iStockPhoto.com

Contact Dave to inquire about commissioned work in the region of Salzburg.